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Development Services

New Ideas That Enhance Your Products

You know from industry experience that sales are driven by the products you offer customers. Consult with CBD to make changes if your product lines have not been updated recently. We work with you to come up with new product ideas that will help you improve your position in the marketplace. Our goal is to help you develop products that ensure your ongoing success.

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Partnering with You for New Product Ideas

Developing, protecting, and maintaining intellectual property can be difficult. Dealing with all the problems that arise from bringing new products to market is enough of a challenge. Having to maintain the resources for an in-house product development department can be overwhelming.

CBD can be a valued partner in product development. We continuously add to our ever-growing variety of products to ensure your company has the opportunity to grow and succeed by giving you the ability to add new products at any time.

We Understand Your Needs

Our staff is knowledgeable about products in a full range of categories. Additionally, we understand your needs and offer high-quality products that solve common problems. Our products are:

  • Low Cost 
  • Patent Searched for Proven Marketability
  • Easy to Manufacture
  • Patent Pending Details Available Online (or within 72 Hours)

Fresh and Innovative Ideas

Without access to fresh ideas and innovative products, your business will stagnate and suffer. Our creative people make sure you have a steady supply of new product ideas. Creative innovation is what we practice, nurture and cherish. It is our life's work.

Improving and Evaluating Products

We excel at evaluating existing products for possible improvements. Our services evaluations and tests are designed to uncover every possible area for improvement, from cost reduction in manufacturing and packaging to:

  • Ease of Use
  • Overall Utility
  • Cleaning
  • Storage 
  • Instruction Manuals and More
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